Is Your Roof Leaking? Common Repairs Needed

Is Your Roof Leaking? Common Repairs Needed

16 November 2021
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One of the most challenging roof repair situations for most homeowners is a roofing leak. Leaks are such a challenge because the area where you see the water come into your home is often not the area where the leak actually exists. Water flows along the path of least resistance, so where it makes entry to your home could be some distance from where it's come through your roof. Here's a look at a few common causes of roofing leaks to help in your repair efforts.

Shingle Issues

Perhaps the easiest issue to identify when it comes to roofing leaks is shingle issues. A cracked, damaged, or missing roofing shingle can be the source of a roofing leak. When a shingle is breached, broken, or lost, it creates a vulnerable area where water can penetrate the roofing surface. This can often lead to leaks inside your home.

That's why a visual roof inspection is often the best place to start if you're experiencing a leak. Look at your roof from the ground, looking for any obvious flaws, such as missing or broken shingles. If you see any, you'll want to call a roofing repair contractor to assess the extent of the damage and patch it.

Flashing Or Trim Damage

Another common source of roofing leaks is the flashing and trim on the roof. While flashing and roof trim are designed to last and to hold up to the elements, they are not impervious to damage. Hail, debris impact, and other weather damage can warp the flashing and disrupt the seal, allowing it to create a vulnerable point for a leak. You'll want to have a roofing repair contractor assess all of the flashing and roof trim for any vulnerable areas.

Holes In The Roof

When you think of a hole in the roof that creates a leak, you probably think about a large, visible hole created by something such as a tree falling. However, many homeowners don't realize that there are other common causes for holes in the roof, many of which aren't nearly that visible. Everything from pest damage to hail can result in holes in your roof that you may not see from the ground. Your roofing repair contractor can inspect the entire roofing surface for any areas where the roof has been penetrated.

These are a few of the most common reasons for roofing leaks. Talk with a roofing repair contractor today for more guidance and support. 

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