4 Reasons To Schedule Annual Roof Preventative Maintenance

4 Reasons To Schedule Annual Roof Preventative Maintenance

13 January 2022
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All too often, homeowners ignore the roof unless there is a noticeable problem. Yet, like any other part of the home, the roof can benefit from some preventative maintenance. The types of maintenance that are necessary can vary depending on the roof material and type, but generally, you should plan for an annual inspection to check for damages, along with periodic shingle repairs and resealing around flashing and roof penetrations. 

1. Reduce Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are some of the most expensive repairs you can have, usually because you have to pay a premium to have the roof fixed quickly since it wasn't planned for ahead of time. For example, checking for loose shingles and re-securing them once a year is typically a low-cost preventative maintenance task. Ignoring the shingles, which then causes the loose ones and their neighboring shingles to blow off during a windstorm, is a much more expensive emergency repair.

2. Increase Roof Lifespan

It shouldn't be a surprise that a longer-lasting roof is much less expensive in the long run compared to more frequent roof replacements. The easiest way to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible is to repair small damages and developing problems before they compromise the integrity of the roof. A quick roof inspection and a few minor maintenance repairs each year will likely not equal the cost of a new roof, even over a long roof lifetime.

3. Protect Your Home

Damage to the roof doesn't just affect the roof. Moisture leaks will get into the attic where water damage can destroy insulation, rot ceiling joists, and damage wallboards. Moisture leaks can also attract pests into the home, which can lead to a greater nuisance and even more damages. By staying on top of the roof maintenance, you are also preventing a whole host of other issues. 

4. Save Some Money

For many, the best reason to keep up with roof preventative maintenance is to keep a little extra money in the bank. Not only does ongoing maintenance reduce the chances of expensive repairs and replacement, but some maintenance tasks may even be covered by your roof or home warranty. Maintenance may also be necessary to meet warranty rules in the event you do need an early replacement. Preventative maintenance may cost a little bit up front, but it will lead to increased savings over time. 

Contact a roofing service if you would like to know more about preventative maintenance recommendations for your roof. 

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