When To Use Professional Repair Services For Commercial Steel Door Framing Issues

When To Use Professional Repair Services For Commercial Steel Door Framing Issues

7 June 2022
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An integral part of a commercial steel door is the frame because this component ultimately supports the door. If this portion of your door has the following issues, you need to look into professional repair services before long.


If you keep hearing a squeaking sound when the commercial steel door around your property is used, this is probably going to get annoying pretty fast. If you're not able to resolve it on your own, hire commercial steel door repair experts.

They can lubricate the hinges that are connected to the steel door and framing that surrounds it. They can use high-quality lubricant products that work effectively all while preventing damage from happening to the hinges. They can also tighten the hinges if they've become loose because of the constant opening and shutting of this commercial steel door.


Sometimes, older commercial steel doors have frames that warp over time. This could be because of a number of factors, such as defects in the material that was used for the framing. Either way, you need to hire a commercial steel door repair company to fix this severe structural issue.

They can take the steel door off and look at the framing thoroughly, seeing if a repair or replacement is necessary. This will depend on the amount of warping that has already taken place. If a repair is possible, what typically happens is new shims are set up for long-term reinforcement. 


One of the more significant things that can happen to frames holding commercial steel doors in place is misalignment. It can be so bad that you're no longer able to open and close the steel door in a smooth manner.

Luckily, commercial steel door repair companies are available and ready to assist, so that you're not without a working steel door for long. They can identify why the misalignment occurred in the first place and see to it that the right adjustment is made. They can also reinforce the frame so that the same problem isn't likely to happen for years. 

Even though commercial steel doors are very durable, they can still face issues over the years. When you spot some, what you need to do is contact a licensed and experienced commercial steel door repair company. No issue will be too big or complex for them to address, which helps you protect this steel door investment for a long time. 

For more information on commercial steel door repair, contact a professional near you.

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