4 Indicators You Need Professional Water Damage Restoration

4 Indicators You Need Professional Water Damage Restoration

16 June 2022
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Water damage is sometimes overt, and you can see what it is doing to your home's interiors. However, it can also be stealthy sometimes. If the damage happens without your knowledge and over an extended period, you will have serious structural problems with your home. You should be keen about the outward appearance of your home, especially if you have suspected a burst pipe, damaged water tank, or leaking faucet. Here are the top four indicators that you need professional water damage restoration.

Your Ceiling Has Water Stains

Consider restoration when you notice water stains on your ceiling. It is the first indicator that you might have a deeper problem than just old and damaged paint. When water causes damage, you notice orange, green, and other oddly colored discolorations on its surface. Check if you have systems or appliances located directly above the ceiling. It could be a water tank or plumbing pipe in the wrong place. Once the water drips from the structure onto the boards, it leaves behind mineral deposits, which are the source of the unsightly stains. 

Your Wooden Floors Buckle

The state of your wooden floors can also indicate that you should restore your home from water damage. Wooden floors soak up water from damage, leading to swelling and buckling. The eventual buckling could come from moisture that has built up on it for a long time, leading to the expansion of the floorboards. The best way to resolve this complication is by locating and fixing the source of the leak. If the leak is from excessive levels of indoor humidity, the professionals might recommend that you get a dehumidifier to help preserve your floor. 

When the Drywall Is Soft or Bubbling

You might also notice that your drywall has become soft and bubbly. This also indicates that you have water damage somewhere in the house. You should have a professional check the wall and locate the source of the water damage. After repairing the cause of the damage, they can prepare and repaint the wall. 

When the House Smells Moldy

Moldy smells could also indicate that you have a water damage problem. Mold usually grows in parts of the home with excessive moisture. When you locate and fix the water source, you can stop mold damage.

These are easy-to-notice indicators of water damage trouble in your home. Speak to a professional and let them handle the remediation for the best outcome.  

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