5 Benefits Of Interior Basement Waterproofing

5 Benefits Of Interior Basement Waterproofing

14 December 2022
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A damp basement isn't just a hassle, it can also lead to problems. Moisture in the basement can lead to structural damages and mold growth, both dangerous issues. If the leaks are minor or mainly due to damp seeping through porous concrete walls, interior waterproofing may be a good option for your basement.

1. Stops Dampness

Concrete is porous, so if there is a lot of moisture trapped in the soil surrounding the foundation then some may seep into the basement. Interior sealants fill the pores, along with any hairline cracks, so moisture can no longer seep through. Keeping the damp out of the basement ensures there are no mold or water damage risks.

2. Cost Effective

Exterior waterproofing can be quite expensive due to the time and amount of work. Most interior methods of waterproofing are much less expensive as there is no need to excavate the basement foundation to put in the waterproofing. Keep in mind, price can vary depending upon which interior methods will work best for your basement, but generally you can expect to spend less on interior waterproofing. 

3. Quick Installation

No one wants to live in a work zone for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, exterior waterproofing can be time consuming as first the soil surrounding the basement must be excavated before the real work of waterproofing begins. Interior methods tend to be much quicker, as painting on a waterproofing membrane or installing a sump pump can often be completed within a couple of days at most. 

4. Less Risk

Excavating a basement foundation can be risky, especially on older homes that may have settled and lost some foundation stability over the years. Interior methods are much less risky because they don't remove support from the basement walls. At most, there will be some concrete cutting in the floor to add a drain or sump pit, but the main support structures won't be affected. 

5. Several Options

There are a few options for interior waterproofing, which can be used alone or in any combination. The simplest is painting a waterproof sealant on the walls and floor. If you need a  more effective option, vinyl interior wall liners can be installed. For more severe basement leaks, an interior drain and sump pump will be put in to move water out of the basement quickly in the event of flooding. 

Contact a basement waterproofing company like ACCA to learn more. 

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