Commercial Water Damage Restoration Issues That Can Be Avoided With Good Planning

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Issues That Can Be Avoided With Good Planning

30 November 2021
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Commercial water damage restorations are very different from residential ones. The biggest difference is usually in the risks where you can encounter situations that are almost impossible to deal with. Some preparation or planning can go a long way when commercial water damage restorations are involved. The following information will help you deal with these situations.

Planning is Paramount for Any Disaster

Disaster preparation is always a good idea. It's not just for hurricanes and earthquakes — it's also for events that could happen at any time, like a burst pipe or a fire in the building. Thus, you need to know what to do in these situations and have a good plan.

First, you need to do is shut off the water. If you can't do it yourself, call your landlord or building manager as soon as possible. Once the water is turned off, it's important to protect any items that may be damaged by drying. You can use desiccants — products designed to absorb moisture — to draw out water from the air and protect some of your belongings. Finally, you can use fans and dehumidifiers to help with drying.

Monitor Conditions

Water damage can happen to anyone. You can be prepared for water damage, even though you might not be able to prevent it. There are also some things that you want to monitor to avoid surprises when doing repairs. Areas that you want to monitor during your water damage restorations include:

  • Monitor the weather conditions—Weather is the most common reason for water damage. If severe weather is coming, make sure drains are clear and water can escape. This will help prevent more water from getting in and causing more damage to your business.
  • Monitor sewer backups—If your business has a basement or an area where sewage lines run under the building, these areas need to be monitored closely during the winter months. When snow and ice melt outside of your building, it could potentially create an overflow of sewage into these areas, which would lead to major issues when it comes to commercial water damage restorations after the fact.

The conditions can cause problems when you are trying to get work done and restore your business.

Tackle Flooding Promptly

When a business floods, there is important information to share with the public and their employees. The business should:

  • Notify their employees and customers
  • Act quickly to contain the water damage
  • Treat all water damaged areas as hazardous
  • Dispose of any contaminated food

Use caution around damaged electrical devices, and flooding can cause fires, so let everyone know never to touch anything wet or has come into contact with floodwaters without turning off the power.

You need to be proactive to reduce damage to your business and have a good plan to deal with the water. Contact a commercial water damage restoration service to get the help you need planning repairs to your business.

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