Water Damage: 3 Main Types Handled By Skilled Cleaners

Water Damage: 3 Main Types Handled By Skilled Cleaners

6 December 2021
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Water is essential for human survival but, sometimes, it wreaks havoc and destroys property. As a homeowner, some of the most devastating issues you may have to deal with at some point are directly related to water damage, especially after flooding. Water damages your property's walls, ceiling, carpeting, electronics and appliances, your home's foundation, and many other facets. Keep on reading to learn more about water damage and the best and safest way to address it.

Types of Water Damage

There are three primary types of water damage:

1.       Clean water damage

Clean water damage is also commonly known as category 1 water damage. Experts from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) define this type of water damage as one originating from sanitary water sources. That means, for category 1 water damage, it shouldn't harm you when you inhale, ingest, or come into dermal contact with it. Common causes of this type of water damage include melting ice and snow, broken water supply lines, faulty toilet tanks, and rainwater. Typically, professional cleaners handle clean water damage faster than the other categories since the water involved is toxin-free.

2.       Grey water damage

Grey water damage, otherwise known as category 2 water damage, is caused by significantly contaminated water. That means any water that can make you ill or cause discomfort after consuming or coming into direct contact with it falls under this category. Grey water in a residential setting may come from washing machine discharges, a toilet bowl overflow, punctured water beds, or broken aquariums. Since dirty water contains contaminants and microorganisms harmful to humans, disinfection is necessary when dealing with grey water damage.

3.       Black water damage

Black water damage (category 3) is the most severe type of water damage. It involves grossly contaminated water from damaged sewer lines, waste line backflows, seawater, and rising floodwaters. Black water often causes severe diseases such as Thyroid Fever, Norovirus, Hepatitis A, and Encephalitis. That is why category 3 water damage demands swift action to prevent potentially fatal consequences. And when it happens, all affected items may either be thoroughly washed, disinfected, and aired out to dry or disposed of if they are unsalvageable.

Hire Water Damage Cleanup Services

Water damage not only harms your properties but is also a threat to your safety and overall well-being. Plus, if left unattended, it encourages mold and mildew growth which causes further structural damage and health problems like respiratory infections. Before you start cleaning up after water damage, note that the water in context may have potential adverse health effects. Therefore, hire a reputable water damage cleaning company with experienced personnel and the necessary equipment for your safety. 

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