Commercial Water Heater Repair: How To Notice You Need It

Commercial Water Heater Repair: How To Notice You Need It

27 May 2022
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The sooner you notice if you need commercial water heater repair, the better. Your unit will function well for several years but when it starts to show signs of failure, you have to either replace your unit or get repairs done. Repairs are often your best option because it gets your water heater working well again sooner and keeps you from having to make another investment in a new unit.

If you have a commercial water heater repair need or the need to get another type of water heater repaired, then you need to call a water heater repair specialist as soon as you can to address these needs. This can be a 24/7 plumber you keep on staff to assist you or a specific water heater installation specialist who put your water heater in the first place. If parts need to be ordered, your commercial water heater will be out of commission for a while so schedule repairs as soon as you can if needed.

Here are ways you can notice if your commercial water heater needs repairs. If you or any of your employees notice any of the following, discontinue use of your water heater until repairs can be made.

Your commercial water heater won't stay hot

If your hot water comes out lukewarm or cold, then the heating element in your water heater may be broken. A commercial water heater goes through a lot of cycles and may have heating elements that go out more frequently than residential units might simply be due to volume and use. Whether you need commercial water heater repair or other types of water heater repair, no hot water is a sign you have some serious water heater issues.

Your commercial water heater has pink or brown water

Sediment from your water supply can get into your commercial water heater. Another issue that can happen is if your water heater starts to rust or age. This can turn the water a dull pink or reddish-brown color. Sediment is a sign your commercial water heater needs to be flushed and drained, which is something your repair specialist can do for you as part of your regular maintenance call. Your commercial water heater will last longer if you have these issues addressed right away.

Sediment and poor water heating are just a few of the issues you can run into with your commercial water heater. You can also have failure for water to stay hot if it starts out warm or the unit leaks on the floor. All these issues should be addressed by a water heater repair specialist.

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