Professional Residential Fire Damage Restoration Services

Professional Residential Fire Damage Restoration Services

28 June 2022
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Experiencing a house fire is not only frightening, but the restoration process can be exhausting. If your home caught fire but you were fortunate enough to not lose the entire structure, salvaging what is left and cleaning up can be an extensive process. You have to deal with damage from the fire, smoke, and water, and then clean your home thoroughly enough to remove the odor that was left behind. Depending on the extent of the damage, it could be impossible to restore your home to a satisfactory extent without professional assistance. Fire damage restoration companies offer multiple services to bring a home back to a safe and comfortable living environment.

Putting Focus Towards Mold Prevention

Mold can cause a substantial amount of damage in a home, as the spores can quickly spread. After a fire, there is a lot of water left behind, whether it be from the fire department or sprinklers. A restoration company will act fast to prevent mold from developing and causing further damage to your home. For example, if there is standing water in your home, pumps will be used to quickly remove the water so other steps can be taken to dry things out. Large fans will be used to dry the carpet and your belongings, while dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture from the air to prevent mold growth.

Assessing What Can Be Salvaged

Once your home has been dried out, a restoration company will begin to assess your belongings that were affected by the fire. The assessment will determine what is salvageable and what should be tossed into the garbage. However, if there is anything that is considered a total loss that you do not want to be thrown out, you can keep it. For example, if a sentimental piece of furniture was badly damaged and you want to keep it, you can do so. For your safety, it is wise to place such items in the garage or a storage unit.

Thoroughly Cleaning & Getting Rid of Odors

After the items that cannot be salvaged are thrown out, your home will be thoroughly cleaned. For example, the carpet, furniture, and several other things will be cleaned. Steps will also be taken to remove the strong odor of smoke from your home. You will feel comfortable about returning to your home after a fire restoration company has completed the job you hired them for.

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