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4 Reasons To Schedule Annual Roof Preventative Maintenance

13 January 2022
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All too often, homeowners ignore the roof unless there is a noticeable problem. Yet, like any other part of the home, the roof can benefit from some preventative maintenance. The types of maintenance that are necessary can vary depending on the roof material and type, but generally, you should plan for an annual inspection to check for damages, along with periodic shingle repairs and resealing around flashing and roof penetrations.  Read More …

Effects Of Commercial Flood Damage And Restoration Measures

11 January 2022
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According to theWorld Health Organization (WHO), flooding is the most frequent natural disaster that often arises from storm surges, rainfall, overflow of waterways, and rapid snowmelt. When it happens, property damage, personal injuries, and, in extreme cases, death are often imminent. Although most people think of the catastrophic losses suffered by homeowners during floods, the impact felt by business owners cannot be overlooked. Below are several notable ways floods affect the commercial sector. Read More …

What You Should Know About Mold In Your Basement

7 January 2022
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Mold is an important part of the ecosystem that can be found naturally in soil and on virtually any organic matter where moisture is present. However, mold has no place in your home's basement. New homeowners may be unfamiliar with the threat of mold in the basement and how it gets there in the first place. Here's what you should know about mold in your basement to identify and remove this unwelcome fungus. Read More …

4 Common Questions About Water Damage Restoration

8 December 2021
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Did you get water in your basement and now it needs to be cleaned up? If so, you likely have some questions about the process of having your basement restored by a professional. What Are the Different Categories of Water?  You may not have known that there are actually three different categories of water – and your water damage restoration specialist will want to know what kind is in your basement. Read More …

Addressing Water Damage Issues? Water Source 101

7 December 2021
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When it comes to water damage issues, it's important to identify the water source before you take any steps to address water damage. It's important to identify the source as the first step of water damage repair for many reasons. However, it's most important to identify it so that you can determine the risk level of that water exposure. Here's a look at what you need to know about the types of water that typically cause water damage. Read More …

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